60 Seconds with WITS 2020 Virtual Summit Speaker — Ritika Nevatia

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3 min readMay 27, 2020


Ritika Nevatia is a Software Engineer at Apple. Her session at the 2020 WITS Virtual Summit is “What’s the deal with Containerisation?”.

Why is speaking at WITS important to you?

I had a professor in my high school who always said learning adds to your knowledge, while teaching multiples it. It has since stuck with me. I believe sharing my knowledge is not only an opportunity to me, but a chance for someone who thinks that topic is difficult for them. I strongly advocate for women in technology to get an equal chance at their career, and I know one way to build that — gain technical expertise. Speaking at WITS will allow me, a member of this community to help fellow members to grow and shine!

What or who inspires you?

My family inspires me. My parents sacrificed their lifetimes to make sure that I get the best education and raised me as a strong independent woman. My younger siblings were my earliest students who taught me to be responsible and push me to get creative. Everything I do, I want them to be proud of me and it inspires me to be a better person.

Most useful article you’ve read in the last month

I have been reading a lot of books lately — and I cannot recommend Shoe Dog by Phil Knight, the creator of Nike enough. He describes an arduous journey an entrepreneur takes on, how he fought those challenges and how he just kept on going despite when things seemed to go wrong. It is a gripping story about hard work and persistence. I would highly encourage to add it to your reading list!

Favorite thing you have learned or did during quarantine

I picked up reading — and I am so proud of it. But apart from that, I learn a few words of Spanish everyday — I hope to visit some South American countries once the shelter in place directive is lifted, and practice my skills there!

When you were a kid what was your dream job?

My dream job as a kid was to be a TV News presenter. I still fancy the job sometimes, although I have no clue how I can actually transition to that role someday :)

Tell us something about your session

I enjoy deep diving into topics. But I also love going to it from basics. I promise to cover introductory ground before using any jargon and making sure that a foundational base is set! Kubernetes and Docker have revolutionized how deployments are done and managed. A good infrastructure like that allows developers to be more productive so they can focus on business logic and code quality. The session will introduce you to these technologies and give you the confidence to deploy your own stack for your next project!

What other sessions or speakers are you most excited to see?

I am quite excited to attend “Walking Through an Exploded Star” by Kim Arcand. It is going to be super exciting to learn how scientists make sense of their data through visualization.

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