Meet the Speaker — Jen Muller

  • For me it’s important for people to see that entering tech is not something it’s too late to do, I transitioned into a career in tech in my 30s. So often people are looking to hire those with years of experience in the industry or those fresh out of college, I prove that a passion and appetite to learn, grow, and succeed can also be a great to thing to look for and nurture.
  • Honestly I’m not sure I ever settled on one thing. I went through phases where I wanted to be an artist or a dancer, and then at one point I wanted to be a fighter pilot! While I still create and dance in my free time I eventually realized that what I really wanted was the ability to keep learning and growing and I’ve found that in what I do now (I never got that pilots license though… at least not yet)
  • In my session I’ll share my journey of going from being a yoga teacher to a Senior Technical Project Manager and how mentorship has helped me in achieving my goals, how you can do the same and help others do it too.
  • Apprenticeships: A Centuries-Old Technique Applied to Today’s Tech Industry Challenges -Amy Kardel
  • Building Male Advocates as Allies — Wendy Bohling and Roni Burgener



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Women In Tech Summit

Women In Tech Summit


The Women In Tech Summit inspires, educates and connects women in the technology industry. We support @techgirlzorg and all women in tech.